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Life is unpredictable,

but the human spirit is remarkably resilient.

Discover your resilience. 

Therapy is not about a fixed goal, 

it is about adapting to change; it is a process of becoming. 

Therapeutic Approach

Life is often about change and loss; and change and/or loss can bring feelings of anxiety, deep grief, struggle, exhaustion, or unsettledness.  Therapy is an opportunity to spend mindful time with your interiority and find ways to not just tolerate uncomfortable feelings, but to listen to them and see where they might be leading you.  We each hold the answers to our own questions, and given the right therapeutic time, space, and care you can not only adapt to loss and change, but you can find wisdom and answers.  

That said, there can also be times in all of our lives when things can feel too overwhelming or too painful to approach.  The deepest, or most intense, struggles can move you into a realm where you begin to ask questions such as - why me?  What does this mean?  How have I been living my life?  Did I do something to deserve this?  

You may hold these questions, and your wounds, inside yourself - often in an attempt to avoid pain.  But instead of avoiding the pain you create more discomfort as you blur the path to your authenticity, your essence, and joy. When you  begin to look at these questions you are stepping out of cultural time - which calls you to be busy, keep achieving, move on - and into spiritual time, a place of presence, awareness, and just being.  It is in this time and space that you can unlock the knowing that you hold, and at your own pace, you can begin to move forward with both increased energy and inner calm. 

My Background

For over a decade I have been counseling people through the complexities and choices of everyday-living, as well as some of life’s most difficult transitions - including chronic and terminal illness, bereavement, places of un-forgiveness, relationship-endings, caregiver stress, and other challenging changes.  I hold a Doctorate of Ministry in counseling, and I am also trained as a focus-oriented therapist, and I teach meditation to individuals and small groups. 


I believe that therapy is an interactive relational connection; we all have a story, and there is much to be learned from your story.  Change, loss, struggle, or anxiety do not have to diminish you; conversely difficult times can change you in positive and meaningful ways if you are open to the  journey of processing the parts of yourself that feel overwhelmed, confused, sad, disconnected, or simply tired.

I look forward to meeting you and exploring the possibility of a therapeutic relationship.  

Therapeutic Approach

Counseling for times of loss and change. 

We grieve losses throughout our lifetimes.

Losses of small bits and pieces of our lives, and losses that feel so immense they take our breath away.  Grief and loss can feel particularly profound during this time of the Covid19 pandemic.

Loss of a loved one, loss of a relationship, a job, one's youth, a community,  losses that follow a difficult diagnosis, or any of a myriad of other losses we experience in life.  Loss and change can leave you feeling out-of-balance, overwhelmed, and grieving.  

Counseling offers the space and time to process life transitions and losses, integrate them into your life, and find steps to help you move forward with a greater sense of hope and possibility.

Counseling for times of anxiety or stress.


We live in a time and place where people are feeling increasingly alienated and lost in their lives. Our deepest human longing is for a sense of connection and meaning, yet our culture often appears to acclaim autonomy and personal achievement.


Consequently we can feel disconnected from our selves, from one another, and from a greater sense of something else - which leaves us feeling increasingly  anxious.

I offer a mindful approach to therapy to help you find ways to reduce anxiety, connect with a calmer place inside yourself, and  move in the direction of healing and health. 

Office hours

Due to Covid19 I am presently seeing all clients on-line.

I provide an initial 45-minute consultation, at no charge, to connect and to determine if you feel I can be of help to you.  

The most efficient way to get in touch with me is via email at:


Get in touch

I am not accepting new clients at this time. 

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